KAEFER C&D is backed by the resources and expertise of a global industrial services group

KAEFER C&D Ltd and its subsidiary companies are part of the KAEFER, with its headquarters in Bremen (Germany). KAEFER is the world’s largest independent company in the thermal insulation, noise and fire protection, and interior solutions sectors.

The company operates in four business areas: Industry, Marine & Offshore, and Construction and offers a full range of insulation and interior out-fitting services, as well as scaffolding, surface protection, refractory, passive fire protection and asbestos removal. KAEFER develops distinct product and system solutions to improve assembly processes and integrate new technologies.

KAEFER has more than 90 years’ experience of working on technologically complex projects, most recently in the supply and installation of cryogenic and high-temperature insulation systems. KAEFER delivers its services in more than 50 countries and has a workforce of more than 19,000. In 2012, the company reported global revenues of €1.4bn.

Link to KAEFER website

Link to KAEFER website:  http://www.kaefer.com/